Motion Assignment

About the Toronto Subway System

The following link is a map of the current subway system of the city of Toronto.

Toronto Subway System

Some people say that this system is not that great. Some people have proposed that it be expanded to meet more of the needs of the people of Toronto. Some people have even proposed how it should be expanded: Proposed Toronto Subway System

Think it all a dream? Impossible? Unrealistic? Well, subway systems like the one suggested above are indeed possible, and do exist:

Seoul, South Korea Subway Sysem

Not as ambitious as other ideas, but the city of Toronto is planning to extend it public transit system using light Rail Transit (LRT), to address future concerns of traffic congestion within the city.


1. Describe 3 reasons as to why expanding the current subway system would be a positive thing for the people of Toronto (6 MC marks)

2. Despite the new LRT plan now underway, with the numerous positive aspects that exist to expanding our current system, why do you think it is so difficult to actually get such plans into reality? Explain your thoughts. (4 MC marks)